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Physical Blood Pact Formulas

Head over to Allakhazam to read my latest post on Physical Blood Pact damage. I will very briefly touch over the key points here.;mid=1254863299247793724;page=1#m1255044188308454532

The Formula

All Physical Blood Pacts (minus Rock Throw and Megalith Throw, those are Ranged!) go by the following formula:

Damage = (D+fSTR) * M * PDIF

Where D = Base DMG Rating of the "weapon" (Avatars technically have no weapon, see below!)
fSTR = (Avatar STR - Monster VIT + somearbitarynumber) / 4 -- See Wiki for more info.
PDIF = Avatar Attack / Monster Defense, and then some equations applied to it -- See Wiki for more info.
    -Note: Avatars do not have any level correction. This is why they are so good on Wyrms!
M = Multiplier
 -Note: This varies for each blood pact, and is why Claw does ~300 and Predator Claws does 1600+

M Values

Blood Pacts in italics are tentative M values.

Barracuda Dive --- M=3.5
Tail Whip --- M=5
Spinning Dive --- M=12

Rock Buster --- M=4
Mountain Buster --- M=12

Punch --- M=3.5
Double Punch -- M=?

Claw --- M=3.5
Predator Claws = M=10?, subsequent hits M=2.

Shock Strike --- M=3.5
Chaotic Strike = M=9?, subsequent hits M=2.

Axe Kick --- M=3.5
Double Slap = M=6, subsequent hit M=2.
Rush = M=5, subsequent hits M=2?

Extra Information


Further testing on a variety of things was done, the results are below:

-fSTR caps are -1 and 8, meaning Avatars have no weapon rank.
-Enhances Avatar Attack gear does not alter the M value in any way, it just adds Attack to the PDIF calculation. How much is still unknown.
-Celestial Avatars have 460-485 attack at level 75.
-Celestial Avatars have a base DMG rating of 47~49.
-Celestial Avatars have around 48 STR.
-Notice how the first hit is the damaging one when it comes to Predator Claws and many other multi-hit blood pacts. This means that if that first hit misses, you'll do 250 damage instead of 1400.

What this all means

As for what all this maths shows; nothing the summoner community didn't know already, Predator Claws rocks. But it does highlight several interesting things:
 -Monster VIT does not alter Blood Pact damage by a lot, even when the monster has tons and tons of VIT.
 -The only reliable way to increase damage is to use "Enhances Avatar Attack" gear.
 -Critical Hit Rate+% will occasionally spike your damage yes, but the critical hit must land on the first hit of multi-hit blood pacts, which is unlikely.



The following chart illustrates 4 blood pacts against five fictional monsters, given suitable latin names. A mixture of conditions are applied and damage is output. I will hopefully make a spreadsheet eventually which will calculate your damage range on any monster.

That's all for this entry, I hope I have cleared a few issues with our mysterious physical blood pacts. What for the next post? Will Kegs continue to go on about all this maths?! What happened to all of the soloing?! Well, I have a few things planned in that category, so stay tuned.
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